Even with an integrated security solution including up-to-date antivirus software and a rigorously configured firewall it is still possible for systems to become infected with a range of ever increasingly sophisticated malware.

These range from viruses that cause little more than inconvenience through harmful Trojans to malicious hacking, where your company data is locked and held to ransom.

Your system can become infected in many ways, typically by opening an e-mail (or more usually an attachment to an e-mail) or visiting a web site with embedded malware.

So how can you prevent a virus attack? The simple answer is that you can’t and there is always a risk that you may suffer loss or corruption of data no matter what protective measures you take.

Malware may be detected on your system as a result of a routine scan or observation of unusual behaviour. It may be possible to simply run virus removal tools to isolate and delete affected files, however if it has a serious effect and has infiltrated your whole system then there may be no alternative than to restore all data from a point in time before the virus was introduced.

A reliable backup solution for ensuring data can be rapidly restored is therefore essential to protect your business from any sort of attack or system failure.

DSM provide both security and backup solutions, thus minimising risk in the first instance but being prepared in the next; knowing that should a virus succeed in penetrating the protective systems then a pre virus backup will allow for a full and fast recovery with minimum impact on your business.