Cloud Backup

Why choose a DSM Data Centre?

DSM offer a variety of Hosting options ranging from the provision of serviced Colocation space,  where customers can install and manage their own systems,  through to a fully managed solution, which can, if required, include the supply of hardware and software.



Fully secure premises in a location away from external risks.


Electronic and physical access control to all areas.


Environmentally controlled and monitored.


Resilient electronically controlled power infrastructure with dual generator and multiple UPS protection.


Diversely routed communication infrastructure ensuring resilience for both voice and data services.


On-site 24×7 technical support.

Water-cooled Data Centre space available now.


Water-cooled Data Centre space available now.

DSM’s ‘green’ Data Centre, cooled solely by water sourced from our on-site lake, uses the latest U-Systems ‘Rear Door Cooling’ technology.

  • No need for multiple racks… Power load capability in excess of 90kw per rack
  • No inefficient, energy wasteful hot/cold aisles… Cooling only what is needed to be cooled
  • No power hungry Chillers… nothing more to be chilled so no requirement
  • No refrigerant – yes that’s right – absolutely zero, planet-harmful, refrigerant.

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Water is one of the best mediums for dissipating heat. Using cabinets supplied by U-Systems – the solution draws hot air over a water based heat exchanger before then circulating it through another heat exchanger, which is immersed in an outdoor lake (supplied, primarily, via bore hole and rain water).

Cooling in this way allows for higher power loads to be deployed within the Rack – meaning the requirement for less racks and thus less space. The overall solution is of course very green and gives that nasty carbon a kick down the road. Power loads up to 95kw per rack.