DSM operates a recovery facility in a rural location just off the A1 near Peterborough.
Although the site has never been troubled by vermin, this is largely due to the resident team of rodent prevention officers (Foxtrot, Oscar and Charlie) recruited for this specific task.  The team are officially on the payroll (remunerated in kind by cat food and vet bills) and are extremely popular with visitors.
When news came in of the theft of a large quantity of cat food from the Cat Protection League’s storage building, the rodent prevention team immediately agreed to share some of their good fortune with the local hungry moggies awaiting forever homes.  So DSM loaded up the van with generous quantities of nutritious goodies while Foxtrot, Oscar and Charlie helped (well, mainly supervised) its transfer to the Cat Protection League vehicle.
Said DSM Marketing Director, Helen Porter: “we are delighted to support the good work of the CPL, especially in these particular circumstances.  Our own resident cats certainly appreciate how fortunate they are to have been taken on here and were only too keen to ‘share the love’ with fellow felines”.
DSM provides a range of IT Services and Solutions specialising in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.  Any businesses wanting to know more about what the company offers (or just to arrange a visit to meet the cats) can email sales@dsm-gb.co.uk or call us on 03333 221100.