Cyboar is the newest member of DSM Group.  The range of services on offer was introduced in response to the growing threat to organisations from Cyber criminals.
There are many and varied ways for cyber criminals to steal information, or simply cause mischief.
Cyboar has access to a range of tools and the know-how to deliver cost effective analysis of system security and not only recommend but also implement solutions to reduce the vulnerability of organisations.
A one off thorough initial review to identify weaknesses is a good starting point, however new methods of cyber attacks are constantly being developed.  The good news is that Cyboar is continuously assessing new threats and using in-house expertise to be sure of keeping pace with what the baddies are up to and keeping them at bay.
Services include penetration testing, compliance advice and staff training for awareness on how to recognise and defend against cyber criminals.
To find out more about Cyboar services call 03333 221100 or visit