DSM offers a complete range of call and line packages which can be tailored to suit your specific communication requirements.  We partner with all the largest suppliers and project manage the installation of new lines or transfer of existing services to ensure no disruption to your business.  So if you are looking for the best service, at the most competitive tariff, get in touch with our team.
It’s not just big corporations that need high quality telephone services.  More and more people are working in small offices or from home but still require a consistent professional standard of availability and performance.
ISDN2 provides crystal clear voice-call quality, fast data transmission and all the functionality of a digital telephone system.  There are two lines / channels which can be used separately or simultaneously to do two things at once.  This solution is recommended for requirements of up to eight users.
ISDN30 also offers crystal clear voice call quality with additional options such as combining lines for higher data bandwidth, application of individual DDI numbers for staff, and creation of a WAN to link multiple offices.  There is a choice of Service Level Agreement options to cover your lines in the event of disruption for any reason.
These are just some of the benefits an ISDN line can bring your business.  To find out what ISDN could do for your organisation, contact us to get the right advice at the best possible price.
The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) remains the backbone of the UK’s traditional voice services and still has a vital role to play alongside next generation technologies.  We can provide you with a reliable and versatile PSTN service to suit your specific business needs.