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Workplace Recovery

DSM’s workarea recovery comprises of 700 fully configured positions over 7 Suites ranging in size from 30 to a combined area giving 528 desk positions . All suites are spacious (350 at 2m spacing) and air conditioned.

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Hosting & Colocation

The hub of DSM’s facility is its Data Centre. At the forefront of design and technology, DSM’s Data Centre employs simple ingenuity……… water. No planet harming refrigerant is anywhere to be found nor any power …

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Data Backup

DSM’s flagship backup service is cloud based and is hosted within its own water cooled data centre. Service caters for amounts from 1gb upwards and includes single file systems to multiple servers.

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Cloud Services

DSM’s facility incorporates a Data Centre with fully configured Cloud Platform services providing Server Hosting, Backup, Replication and lots of other magical things that everybody and company should have.

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IT Solutions

At the heart of DSM is its IT Services – from traditional contracted or ad-hoc break/fix support to entire system evaluation, including consultation, design/redesign, supply, implementation and on-going support

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

DSM offer a range of services that can be used independently or combined to provide an overall end to end solution. From an IT support service through to full Draas (Disaster Recovery As A Service).

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Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions will keep you up and running when disaster strikes.

Delivering scalable, always-on, low latency performance across your physical, cloud and hybrid environments to keep your business and your people running every day.

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Water-cooled Data Centre space available now.

Water-cooled Data Centre space available now.

DSM’s green Data Centre, cooled solely by water, sourced from our on-site lake, roof and borehole, will use the latest USystems Ltd ‘Rear Door Cooling’ technology, which provides for loads in excess of 90 kW per rack. No wasteful hot/cold aisle containment designs – No power hungry Chillers – No refrigerant – yes that’s right – absolutely zero ‘planet harmful’ conventional air conditioning refrigerant.

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Covid-19 – Home Working v Workplace Recovery

The covid-19 pandemic was/is not a ‘normal’ disaster; a normal disaster generally affects a single company whereby it is left unable to trade (normally) and amongst other things, faces loss to its competitors.   Covid-19 affected the majority of businesses and thus competitors were also closed or subject to equally disruptive service offerings. There was hence no benefit to look for [...]

Four key reasons why you should backup your data

Today’s world revolves around electronic data; Business simply cannot operate without it.  No data = no business. Data is one of the life bloods of a business; With the ever increasing risks (viruses, hackers, natural disasters, hardware failures etc.) it’s almost inevitable something will, eventually, go wrong;  It’s not an ‘if’ but more like a ‘when’. The scale of loss [...]

How to create a Business Continuity Plan

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